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CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School 90th Anniversary Celebration & Teachers’ Day Luncheon

CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School 90th Anniversary Celebration & Teachers’ Day Luncheon


Dear JMM,

2023 marks the 90th anniversary of CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls School. This year, the grand 90th anniversary celebration luncheon will be held together with the Teachers’ Day luncheon, which we used to organise every year, pre-pandemic. 

Join us in celebrating the incredible milestone of our alma mater’s founding and expressing our gratitude and love for the former and retired staff who have played a vital role in shaping the journey of St. Nicks’ girls throughout the years, and making our school what it is today. Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of this epic occasion!

Tickets for the luncheon are priced at $168 per seat. In addition to securing tickets for yourselves, do consider sponsoring seats so that more retired and former staff members can join us for an unforgettable afternoon. Let’s come together to honour their dedication and commitment throughout the years.

Help spread the news, and fill the school’s 90th birthday celebration with immense joy and laughter.

Reserve your tickets (for both attendance and sponsorships) via the link below or scanning the QR code. The form contains all the information you need regarding purchasing and payment.

See you all on 9 September!


1. 为自己买票
2. 号召姐妹们团购,凑齐一桌或很多桌,或是
3. 赞助席位,让更多退休与前任师长能共襄盛举
只要点击以下Google Form链接,或是扫描QR(二维)码,填妥表格就可以了。所有购票和付款相关细节均在表格内,请姐妹们务必仔细阅读。

To purchase tickets | 购票网址:

SNGS 90th Anniversary Luncheon Tickets